We are looking for treasure hunters to share their experience with geocaching today. We’ve heard about several treasure hunts and we have to say that they are truly worth sharing. So, care to share your experience?

Let the hunt begin

Treasure hunt. We are encouraging participants to share their story through a narrative form of writing. Everyone who found a cache can submit their story and our team will assess which stories to publish on our blog.

There won’t be a word limit for each submission and one participant can submit up to 3 different stories. We are allowing the use of original photos taken by the participant. All photos can’t be edited and must be submitted in their original format. You can also include video clips of no more than 30 seconds and unedited.

We are looking to publish at least 5 stories per day. The byline will also include your name instead of ours. We want this series to be as authentic as possible. For people who will have their submissions approved, all of you will be receiving discounted rates for our subscription.

As a bonus, we are also giving out Geocaching merchandise. You can submit your stories directly at info@geocaching.nu. It will take us up to three days after your submission to assess everything.

So, we look forward to your submission and if you have any additional questions and clarifications, contact us today.