Are you about to start your first ever geocaching adventure? Well, we are truly excited to hear about it once you are done. With that, we hope that this experience you are about to embark to be as memorable as it can be. Also, here are some pointers for all beginners out there.

Document your Adventure

You are sure to remember everything about this experience, but why not share that to the rest of the world? We have seen great discoveries by other geocachers and they are truly worth sharing.

Remember to always bring a camera with you or a smartphone. Take photos and videos of your trip. Anything that catches your attention, take a photo of it. If you meet new people, take a picture with them.

Geocaching is not just about finding but it is about discovering new things, new places, and new people.

Another exciting part about geocaching is making a montage of it and then sharing it to the world. You are not just sharing your experience. You are also encouraging other people to step outside and go on an adventure of their own.

So, once again, don’t forget to take a lot of photos and videos. It is going to be memorable indeed, not only for you but for everyone.

Don’t Be Restricted to the Map

Geocaching has a map or a direction you can navigate to discover a hidden cache. But it is highly advisable to explore rather than just follow that straight line in your GPS. Geocaching is about exploring your surroundings. The surroundings you are familiar with but not entirely.

One of the best feedback Geocaching got was “I think it is so neat that they are hidden everywhere. There is a whole world around us that most people never notice.” Another one read, “Why geocache? Because it takes you places that you never knew existed! It’s such an adventure!”

There is so much to experience out there. That GPS map is merely a guide, you’ll know where to go. You just need to look ahead. Just a heads up, some geocachers are travelling overseas for this. You might consider doing just that but make sure to have other objectives as well.

Invite Others

Geocaching is exciting when you are going to the unknown, well, alone. But, have you considered inviting some friends or maybe a family member? It is always amazing to share this experience with someone dear to you.

If you are married, why not bring your significant other on this adventure. Together, you can find the cache. If you are looking for something new to do with your parents and siblings, geocaching just might be your new favourite activity for some quality time.