Geocaching, little by little is taking over the world. More and more people are getting in on the fun adventure and going treasure hunting. Geocaching is more than just a recreational activity for people.

It is becoming one of the biggest recreational movements in the world. Now here are some amazing facts about geocaching we bet you didn’t know about.

More than 3 million Geocachers

To date, there are more than 3 million geocachers across the globe. The exact estimated total is at 3,171,954. That total only increases day by day. The ease of creating an account and joining the movement can be done within minutes. With that number, more and more caches are to be found and hidden.

By 2020, there is no doubt that the number of participants will double in size or even more.

It Sparks Sustainability

As people join the movement, more and more are seeing the devastation on our natural environments. More and more people are aware of the magnitude of not only global warming but all other negative aspects that threatens life as we know it.

It is within our plan to spark something sustainable along with geocaching as we protect mother nature together. We are looking forward to new adventurers to join us and establish geocaching as a global movement that not only sparks adventure but advocacy for the environment as well.

Real Treasures

With more caches being found and hidden, some adventurers are storing items of value to them. Some items can be sold for a sum of money while others have sentimental value. These days, geocachers are keeping items that would inspire people and get them engaged.

Upon further clarification, some geocachers find cash in some caches for them to keep.

So, what are you waiting for? There might be a cache near you right now.