Geocaching, in short, is treasure hunting. The idea is to start and expand a recreational activity idea for people to get involved. All over the globe, caches or containers are scattered and hidden to be found by participants.

Once they find the cache, they can then sign a document in it proving they did find it.

They can also add an item in the cache and take an item as well. It is then up to them if they want to hide the cache somewhere else or not. The next treasure hunter then can do the same.

A Great Adventure for All

Silvie Kempers came up with the idea after watching so many films that involve a treasure hunt. She was working as an image designer and decided to pursue that idea. After a couple of months, more than 500 people signed up and the rest is history.

Let’s admit it, we all wanted to go treasure hunting at least once in our life. There is that team game Treasure Hunt, but this is more exciting.

There are no clues at all, only a map. Participants tend to hide caches in inaccessible areas. Areas that people don’t go to or have no business of going at all. So, if you are interested, why not go geocaching right now? A treasure awaits.